angel juicer 8500 Are Far More Better Option Than Any Other

angel juicer 8500

The angel juicer 8500 will make up to 30% more juice from the same foods than other juicers. Any other juicer with twin gears has gears bigger and stronger than these. You can get more nutrients out of food because of the strength and design of the gears and the powerful motor. There are a lot of important nutrients and antioxidants in seeds. The Angel Juicer is the only juicer that can get all of them.

Globally Expensive Juicers

For a good reason, angel juicer 8500s are some of the most expensive juicers globally. The quality of the juice and how much it extracts are what matter. In particular, the Angel comes into play when you juice vegetables. This includes leafy greens like pomegranates and wheatgrass and beets and kale. Juicing these foods is easy, leaving the only driest pulp behind.

What Does Twin Gear Mean?

Two gears or augers are used to squeeze the juice out of vegetables or fruits with angel 8500s twin gear juicer, which means the yield is much better. There isn’t a better juicer on the market with two gears than the Angel. As soon as you see the gears next to each other, you can’t compare them. If you put a fruit or vegetable into the Super Angel Juicer, you can be sure that it will get every last drop of juice from it. It has a powerful motor, stainless steel gears, and a low RPM of 82.

angel juicer for saleOptional Accessories Buying

The Angel Juicer 8500 comes with everything you need, like the following:

Standard juicing screen. Juicing and pulp tin containers. Cleaning brush, Screen scraper, and Detachable power cord. Replacement set of silicone rings for the housing and even a spare set of silicone rings. The manual is also a recipe book with juice recipes for different health conditions.

Food Grade Stainless Steel:

Food Grade stainless steel is different from Stainless Steel for Surgical Use.

  • The chemical make-up of stainless steel alloy.
  • There are 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel in SUS-304, which is food-grade.
  • It has Chromium 16 percent, Nickel 10 percent, and Molybdenum 2 percent. The surgical stainless steel grade is more resistant to corrosion than other types of stainless steel.

Accessories That Can Be Added On:

When you buy this angel juicer for sale, you get the glass container, a wooden plunger with silicone, a premium cleaning brush (like a toothbrush), attachments for making nut butter, sorbet, juices with more pulp, and more. For more useful information on these, check out the store listings on any company’s site.


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