Are 48V Lithium Chargers Suitable For Deep Cycle Batteries?

Whether you need a battery for lighting, solar storage, electric vehicle, or you have an inverter as a backup in case of a power cut out, a 48v lithium-ion battery is the best option to install in these applications. There are many advantages of using such batteries over a traditional lead-acid battery.

However, you need a 48v lithium battery charger to enhance your performance. 48v lithium-ion battery charger is maintenance-free and helps keep your batteries in good condition.

Smart management system

The 48v lithium battery charger not only monitors your battery but with smart battery management; it will also enhance its life. Thus, purchase from us and get the best if you need 48V lithium chargers or batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly well known and flexible.

The innovation behind lithium-ion batteries settles them an extraordinary decision due to their particular potential benefits and harmless and environmentally friendly benefits. But for these batteries, their chargers are vital tools for extended run use.

How Exactly Does 48v Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Work

48v lifepo4 battery charger technology has stayed up with the technology transformation, as in most different regions; thus, current battery charging reasoning uses 3 phase (or 2 or 4 phase) chip managed to charge profiles.

The three phases or steps in lead corrosive battery charging are bulk, absorption, and float mode (or, in some cases, totally shut off at times).

Capability or adjustment is thought to be another stage, generally for a limited time. Use battery producer’s suggestions on charging methodology and voltages or a quality chip controlled 48v lithium-ion battery charger to keep up with battery limit and administration life.

Extremely High Energy Density 48v battery:

When it comes to batteries, 48v lithium-ion battery 100ah has the highest standard for energy density, making them the lightest and most magnificent.

A lithium battery can hold approximately six times more current per kilogram than a lead-acid battery. As a result, lithium batteries are small and light, making them simple to transport without the help of others.

Lowest Memory Effect:

The memory effect in a 48v lithium battery occurs due to partial discharge followed by a charge cycle. This has a significant impact on battery memory because batteries forget their charge status.

Lead-acid batteries have the lowest memory effect ratio, with a 20 percent memory effect ratio. With less than 5%, lithium batteries have the lowest percentage in the battery world, making them the most efficient battery packs.


The BULK Stage

48v lifepo4 charger includes about 80% of the re-energize, wherein the charge current is held steady (in a consistent current charger) and voltage increments.

The appropriately measured charger will give the battery as much current as it will acknowledge up to the charger limit (25% of battery limit in amp hours) and not raise a wet battery over 125° F or an AGM or GEL (valve controlled) battery over 100° F.

The ABSORPTION Stage (The Excess 20%, Around)

The AGM/overflowed 48 volt lithium ion battery charger holds at the assimilation voltage (between 57.6 VDC and 58.8 VDC, contingent upon charger set focuses) and diminishes the current until the battery pack is completely energized.

If the battery pack does not hold a charge or the current doesn’t drop after the standard re-energize time, the battery pack might have some long-lasting sulphation.

The FLOAT Stage

This is where the charge voltage is diminished to around 2.25 volts per cell, approximately 54.0 VDC, and held steady, while the current is decreased to under 1% of the battery limit.

This mode can be utilized to keep a wholly energized battery pack endlessly. Instead of maintaining a buoy voltage, a few chargers shut off-screen the batteries, starting a charge cycle if vital.

Best Charger Provider In Australia

One of Australia’s most reputable corporations, Deep Cycle Systems, offers reliable and long-lasting 48v lithium solar batteries and LiFePO4 battery chargers at an affordable price. Being the most trusted company in the market, they know it is their responsibility to provide the best to their customers, and they strive to do that for their clientele.

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