Features about angel juicer 5500 that you should know

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The angel juicer 5500 is said to be the “Rolls Royce” as the world’s best twin gear juicer. It is one of the best seller juicers among all the juicers. With a huge range of features, it is the most impressive juicer you can ever have. It extracts more juice and dryer leftover than any other juicer in this range. This juicer is for those who are seeking an entry-level juicer. It is the most durable juicer with the most appealing look among the juicers in the whole world. There are some features of angel 5500 that you will be happy to know about.

Made Of Food Grade SUS 304 Stainless Steel:

With a stainless steel material, this juicer sets the benchmark by having the best material selection. The material used in this juicer is SUS 304, and it has excellent resistance to corrosion and is the best for professional food applications. SUS 304 is an alternative to American SS 304 and is almost the same in its composition.

Superior Design:

If you compare the gears of the angel juicer Angelia 5500 with other gears of juicers present in the market, you will realize that there is a big difference between their qualities. No bad quality nylon components are present in the gears of angel juicers. It is made of 100% SUS stainless steel. The high-tech design of the twin gear of the juicer helps to squeeze the fruits and vegetables to give a high quality of extracted juice than other juicers on the market.

More Powerful Motor:

It uses a 3 HP electric motor. The operating RPM of this juicer is 82, which helps them to work perfectly. The oversized twin gears installed in it will help the juicer to extract every drop of juice from the provided fruits and vegetables. Tests show that it extracts 20-30% yield more than any other juicer. With a higher yield, you will be provided with maximum enzymes and nutritional value with its gentle squeezing.

Design Is Easy To Clean:

Super angel juicer has only two parts to clean, while other juicers have more than three parts to clean, and it proves to be very difficult to clean it properly. It is the most attractive feature of the angel juicer. There is a process to clean the juicer. You need to release the clamp to lose the screen housing, pull out the twin gears from the motor base and just clean it. You can clean the housing screen and gears with cleaning brushes provided to you when you buy this juicer. And now your juicer is clean and ready to use again!

Strong Construction:

The angel cold press juicer is made for you to use for a lifetime. It has only 10 kg weight, which means that it is made with strong material for its strengthening. Yet it is light enough to move from one place to another very easily.

Ideal Juicer For Green Vegetables:

Some juicers have trouble extracting juices from green leafy vegetables and some seedy fruits such as pomegranate and wheatgrass also. There is a more capable juicer to squeeze out quality juice from these vegetables and fruits without any trouble, and that juicer is an angel juicer. It is also said to be the best celery juicer. The driest pulp will be left after it has extracted a high-quality juice with soft squeezing. The vital nutrients present in the seeds of your fruits and vegetables will also be extracted where special enzymes are also stored.

Things you should know about super angel 5500 juicers:

  • It is an entry-level juicer among all the juicers
  • It has the best build quality in the market
  • It is made of 100% stainless steel
  • There are no plastic parts present in it
  • It extracts a high quality and 20-30% more juice
  • The quality of the juice is also good
  • The motor is more powerful than any other juicer has
  • It has a super reverse switch that is easy to use
  • There is an automatic cooling system

Specifications Of Super Angel 5500 Juicer:

The juicer has a 3-step multi-stage pressurized extraction method. The gears are 34mm in diameter and 220mm long with a stainless steel composition. There is a cooling and protection unit on the juicer. Juices of compatible foods, soft & hard fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables can be extracted easily through angel slow juicer.

Some accessories of this juicer are:

  • Housing with a Silicon O-ring
  • Twin gears
  • Splash guard
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Wooden pusher
  • Power cable

And many more accessories. The angel juicer has proved to be the perfect addition of the juicer to your kitchen as it is helpful in making your diet healthy. An increased amount of nutrients and enzymes helps to detox and clean your body.

Why Choose Angel Juicers?

The angel juicer extractor is a manually operated juicer. It has an automatic reverse system that helps prevent the sieve from overfilling and stops when full. You need to tap or push manually on the button to reverse the system and stop it. This feature saves your juicer from any big damage. You will get a scraper to remove the coarser material after the juice has been extracted. As it is made up of stainless steel material, there will be totally rust-free juice. There is no chance of heavy metals present in your juice as there is no plastic part in this juicer. A juicer is perfect for juice extraction of high quality, and it is worth using.

Where To Get Angel Twin Gear Juicer?

If you want to get an angel twin gear juicer, then you need to go to Wellness United, as they provide the most reliable, high-quality health appliances.


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