How to Install Victron VRM for Monitoring and Controlling your Products?

The internet of things (IoT) is the integration of physical devices, vehicles and buildings with electronic devices to provide data for monitoring or controlling them. You can use Victron VRM’s IoT cloud platform to remotely monitor and control your products.

This article will guide you through how to install the Victron Energy Virtual Remote Monitoring (VRM) for your Victron battery management system or inverter/charger using online tool.

The Victron VRM Portal is a free online service that allows remote monitoring and management of your Victron Energy products.

You can connect to your device via a web browser and monitor and control it from anywhere in the world. The Victron VRM Portal also provides alerts and notifications, schedules, historical data and more.

The Victron VRM Portal is a web-based application that allows you to monitor and control your solar inverter, battery charger or another device from anywhere in the world.

This is a valuable feature for many situations.

It is a great way to check or even control your boat’s charging remotely if you’re not home.

You can also remotely monitor your off-grid system. This is especially useful if you need to keep track of what’s happening while you are away from home (for example, checking if the kids have been doing their chores).

Victron Energy BMV 712 Introduction

This is a valuable feature for many situations where you want to monitor and control something without having to be physically present: for example, tracking a mobile such as an RV or van which may be parked in another part of town; keeping tabs on how much energy has been consumed by connected equipment such as computers; ensuring that gates are closed after opening hours etcetera.

Remote monitoring of your off-grid system.

With Victron Monitor, you can monitor your off-grid system from anywhere in the world. It lets you check your battery levels, solar PV production, and the status of your inverter.

It’s also a great way to see how much electricity your appliances use and how much they cost you. The Victron Monitor is compatible with VPP and MPPT solar charge controllers, inverters, UPS systems and battery chargers.

The Victron Monitor is a simple, intuitive system that anyone can use. It’s compatible with any device with an internet connection and works on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.

Remotely checking or even controlling the charging of your boat.

With the Victron VRM App, you can remotely check the status of your boat’s charging system. It would help if you had a Victron Charger with an interface module to control the charging rate.

This is how it works:

  • First of all, connect your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to your charge master battery charger via Bluetooth. Please ensure that both devices have Bluetooth enabled and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Next up is setting up a user account, with which you can access all features related to monitoring and controlling your solar system from anywhere in the world where there is internet connectivity.

Checking your boat’s battery levels from home.

You can monitor the status of your boat from home. For example, you can check the battery level from home by logging in to Victron Connect and opening up the Battery Monitor screen. You will see a chart with a graph and information about your battery, such as its current state of charge (SOC), voltage and current being drawn, temperature or internal resistance.

If you want to know more about the battery monitor and how it works, please read article on how to use the Victron Battery Monitor.

Victron Connect Mobile App Features

Victron Energy BMV 712 Introduction

The Victron BMV 712 is a DC battery monitor that can be connected to most 12V batteries. It is used for monitoring and controlling the state of your battery. The BMV 712 has three modes:

  • *Battery State of Charge (SOC)
  • *Battery Voltage
  • *DC Load Amperage (Approx.)

Victron Energy BMV 712 monitoring a mobile, such as an RV or van.




Using the Victron Remote Management (VRM) software, you can monitor your van from home. This Victron Energy BMV 712 will allow you to check your van battery levels and other vital information, even when you’re not there.

If you have a mobile that you would like to monitor remotely, such as an RV or van, then this is important for several reasons:

  • You can check on your vehicle battery levels and other important stuff without driving out there every time it looks like the battery may be running low. You should do this for safety reasons or because some things will need doing if something goes wrong before long, and it’s better that they get done sooner rather than later!
  • If you don’t own a house but rent instead (or if it’s only part-time), being able to respond when something needs fixing could mean saving money in the long run.

Checking your solar PV installation from anywhere in the world.

You can check the performance of your solar PV installation from anywhere in the world. You can see how much energy you are generating, how much energy you are using and how much energy you are exporting to the grid.

The BMV 712 is a battery monitor that can be connected to most 12V batteries. It has three modes:

  • Battery State of Charge (SOC)
  • Battery Voltage
  • DC Load Amperage (Approx.)

The battery monitor has a large digital display and three buttons that let you cycle through the different modes. It can also automatically send email or text alerts when certain conditions occur, such as reaching a low SOC level or when the battery is fully charged.

Victron Energy BMV 712 portal is free to use. Connect with victron Bluetooth

The Victron BMV 712 Portal is a free tool to monitor and control your products. Use it to configure the product and connect it to your internet connection.

Connecting via Bluetooth

  • Open the Victron BMV 712 Portal app on your phone or tablet.
  • Select ‘Bluetooth’ as the connection type (if available for this product)
  • Press ‘Connect’ to connect your phone or tablet to the product.

If you have solar PV installed in your home or business, you must monitor the performance of your system so that you can take action if there is a problem. Monitoring will also help ensure that your system generates as much energy as possible and maximises its potential.

Victron Energy BMV 712 provides an easy way to monitor and control your products.

Victron Energy BMV 712 provides an easy way to monitor and control your products.

The portal is free to use and allows you to monitor and control your products remotely via the web or on mobile devices. The user interface is intuitive, so it’s easy to log in with one click in the browser or via a single tap in the app.


Ultimately, the Victron BMV 712 is an excellent tool for monitoring and controlling your products. It’s simple to use and has many useful features like remote monitoring and control of your off-grid system. This can be especially useful for RVs or vans constantly moving around, ensuring that their battery levels are always optimal. With this device, you can also check on your solar PV installation from anywhere in the world!

The BMV 712 is a great way to monitor the condition of your battery and help you avoid overcharging or undercharging. It also has an alarm feature so that if your battery voltage drops below 11.5, it will signal you that something is wrong!

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