Nine good home staging Sydney tips to keep in mind

Selling your home can be stressful, and it’s important to ensure you’re prepared for showings. You want potential buyers to feel comfortable in your home. So they can imagine their future there, but if it feels like clutter or disorganization is getting in the way of that vision coming true. Here are some tips on how to do home staging Sydney and make sure it stands out from the rest:

Think of your home staging like you would an open house or a showing.

  • Clean and tidy.
  • Inviting.
  • Well lit.
  • Well decorated.
  • Smells good! Make sure you’ve just cleaned your house or at least done your best to make it smell fresh and inviting. If your home smells like a gym locker or bathroom, it will turn potential buyers off immediately and push them to be more judicious in their offer, which could mean they won’t make an offer at all! So clean up as much as possible before home staging Sydney so it smells great! Also, don’t forget that some scents are particularly good for putting potential buyers at ease: vanilla is soothing, lavender is relaxing, citrus is energizing (or makes people think of summertime), etcetera—so use those scents throughout the house where appropriate!

You need to give each room a purpose.

The most important thing you can do when it comes to home staging is to make sure that every room has an established purpose. A space without a purpose will be harder to sell because buyers won’t know what they have the opportunity to use it for. This can also make your house appear smaller than it actually is, which could lead potential buyers away from your listing in favor of one that has more functionality and versatility.

To create a purpose for each room:

  • Determine whether or not you need the space as part of its daily function. If so, what do you use it for? (i.e., guest bedroom vs storage)
  • What would be required for this area to accommodate this function? (i.e., adding additional lighting)

You need to get rid of clutter.

You need to get rid of clutter. It’s not just about the mess, but about removing items that are outdated and no longer useful. This includes things like old newspapers, magazines or mail; broken furniture. Your child has outgrown toys and games; clothes you no longer wear. Appliances you haven’t used in years but can’t bear to part with because they were expensive at one time (I’m guilty as charged), etc. If you’re having a hard time getting started with this part of the process, try writing down all the things cluttering up your house and then put them into categories (e.g., “clutter” or “old toys”).

Show off your living room.

In order to show off your living room, it’s important to make sure that:

  • The room is clean and tidy. A cluttered space can distract from the other elements of staging.
  • The space is decorated with things you love. The furniture in your living room should feel like a comfortable extension of yourself, so make sure it fits your style!
  • The walls are painted with a neutral color such as white or beige so they don’t distract from any other focal points in the home like artwork or rugs might (but if there are water stains on those walls… maybe try using some spackle!).

A bathroom should be spotless.

  • Keep it free of clutter, and make sure the floors are clean, dry, and free of scuffs or stains.
  • A clean sink is always a must; you want the buyer to be amazed by your impeccable attention to detail when they see that all their makeup brushes have been cleaned and put back in order.
  • Clear out any personal items such as photos or hairbrushes from the countertop, as these tend to look messy and unprofessional if left in plain sight during showings.

home staging SydneyThe dining room is often overlooked.

The dining room is often overlooked as a potential space to spruce up and show off your home’s amenities. It’s where people eat, after all! The goal in this room should be to make it clean and inviting—think of it like you would an actual restaurant, minus the food. Make sure it’s well-lit (if possible) and has enough space to accommodate a table and chairs. A nice view is also always welcome in the dining room, so if you have one available try to keep that in mind when designing the space around it. The last thing you want is for guests’ eyes to be drawn away from each other or onto something else entirely during dinner conversation because there isn’t enough light coming into the room from outside windows or ceiling fixtures.

The kitchen is important, but don’t overdo it in there.

The kitchen is the heart, the soul, and often the most used room in the home. It’s also one of the most important rooms to showcase when staging a house for sale.

But don’t overdo it with too much extra stuff! As you walk through your kitchen, keep an eye out for items that don’t belong there—you know what I mean: those platters with photos of family members from years ago; dirty dishes on top of clean ones; boxes full of Christmas decorations or even empty ones waiting to fill again next year—and get rid of them! The last thing you want is someone getting distracted by all these things while they’re trying to envision themselves living in this home.

Make buyers feel welcome in the bedrooms.

  • Make sure the bed is there. When buyers walk through a home, they’ll be looking at the beds to get an idea of how tidy the homeowner is. Seeing unmade beds may leave them wondering if other areas of the house are also messy.
  • Keep bedrooms free of clutter. Clutter can make a room feel cluttered, overwhelming, and uncomfortable—especially in small spaces. A good rule of thumb is to only keep items in a bedroom that are essential for everyday life (for example clothes for sleeping). You don’t want buyers thinking about how much cleaning up they’ll need to do after purchasing your home!
  • Make sure lighting is sufficient in each bedroom so potential buyers can clearly see all corners of it—especially closets, which are often dark places that people tend not to look into closely when viewing homes because they’re not interested in knowing what’s inside them (or simply forget).

The outside of your house matters as well.

You’re not only responsible for the inside of your house. The outside matters, too. Specifically, you need to make sure that:

  • The lawn is mowed and trimmed
  • The house number is visible from the street
  • All windows are clean and polished (inside and out)
  • Your garage door is open with a car parked inside if possible (or you could use a truck or SUV parked in front of it). This shows potential buyers that you have easy access to parking spaces and plenty of room for vehicles in your driveway or garage. If there isn’t an open spot in either area, this could give off the impression that your neighborhood doesn’t have enough parking available—which may turn away some buyers looking at houses on similar blocks nearby yours!

Staying organized and making sure it’s not too cluttered will help potential buyers see themselves in your home.

It’s important to stay organized and keep your home looking clean. It may seem like a small thing, but even a small mess can turn buyers off.

When you’re ready to show your home, make sure:
  • Closets and drawers are organized so they look neat and tidy
  • Extra furniture should be removed from the room (if there is too much furniture in the room, it will take away from what buyers want to see)
  • Floors are vacuumed or swept (and if needed, mopped) to keep them looking clean and shiny!

House staging Sydney is a great way to get it ready for potential buyers and sell it faster. You might feel like you don’t have time or money to do this, but there are some simple things you can do that won’t take too much effort or cost anything at all!

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