Tips to Get the Best Quality Home Brew Supplies Melbourne

home brew supplies Melbourne

Tips to Get the Best Quality Home Brew Supplies Melbourne

When it comes to buying home brew supplies Melbourne, there are a few things to consider. You need to think about cost, quality, and youth for things like ingredients. Purchasing consumer goods means thinking about how useful they are and how much they cost.

In this blog, I will give you tips on buying ingredients and equipment because there are a lot of opportunities to spend money. They carry something that you never use or is not right for you.


Tips To Get the Best Supplies

  • Prepare A List of Things You Need and Then Go

Some often go to a liquor store with a vague idea of ​​what they want, but they come home with bags full of things they can’t remember why they needed them at the time. I’m sure you’ve been in the same situation when you see all the items on offer, and you can’t hold back but take them and buy them, of course, random purchases. Some people have a similar problem with tools and end up buying many tools that end up sitting in a shed that can be used.

Make a list and stick to it. You will eventually save money and use that money to make the extra home drink you want.

home brew supplies Melbourne
  • Seek Advice

This is where visiting the store is invaluable, especially if you start drinking alcohol at home. I remember brewing my first beer, going to my local grocery store, and looking confused by everything on the shelves. I asked the staff for advice, and after 30 minutes, I was home making a pale with extract and crystal malt with full hops. Another thing was that I did not need to buy that much kit because the staff explained how to brew beer using pull-out bags/hop and to use the stockpot. Beer making kits are also great for getting everything you need quickly. After the first purchase, there is nothing you need to buy other than the ingredients.

That happened to liquor stores, often owned by people with good brewing experience at home. Sometimes you may find advice that is not always 100% correct. Still, we know that we probably would not make a good homemade drink without the staff at the homebrew shops and maybe not stick to it.


  • Look at Deals and Buy Supplies Wisely

If you read any of the breweries, I’m sure you’ve seen people add posts that show where they can get a good deal, especially for things like big machines and boilers.

Buying bulk items are also often a good way to save. Many local producers will use 25kg bags of things like pale malt because they know that most of their beer will have that as base malt.

Bulk buying will save you money over time and will eventually save you a lot of time between visits to your local liquor store.


  • Look for New and Fresh Ingredients When Buying

When you buy home brew supplies Melbourne, you want to make sure the ingredients you are buying are as fresh as possible. Beers made from new ingredients will taste better than old ones. Somehow when you go to your local brewery, you can check this out for yourself. Many ingredients have their date, whether the day of packing or daily use, so you can choose the best ones. If that shelf malt can be covered with dust and the sun obscures the label, then it is a good idea not to think of buying it.


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