Types Of Champion Parts & Use Of Aircraft Battery

Champion Parts
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Types of Champion Parts & Use Of Aircraft Battery

Champion Aerospace has built a global reputation for high-quality, performance-proven aviation solutions in the product after product. With Champion-brand turbine engines, leads, and igniters; Champion-brand piston engines, spark plugs, and filters; and Champion-brand power converters, it’s clear that this is a well-known brand name (power supplies).

Companies sell various champion parts such as:



Ignition Leads,

Spark Plugs,

Oil Filters

Ignition Harnesses.


Champion turbine igniters result from Champion Aerospace’s dedication to the highest quality and technological standards. As a result of this dedication, Champion has become the preferred igniter of engine manufacturers, maintenance technicians, and pilots worldwide. Champion is always looking for new materials (ceramics, superalloys, and precious metals) and technologies to make the best igniter for today’s commercial and military engines.


Champion Aerospace manufactures a variety of high-performance inductive or capacitive discharge ignition exciters in configurable, customer-driven designs. As time goes on, Champion has moved on from traditional spark gaps to solid-state designs that use our patented “Spider Switch” or new (patent pending) Solid State Spark Gap design to maximise reliability, efficiency, and capability while reducing weight.


Champion Aerospace manufactures and designs complete aerospace ignition leads for turbine engine applications. Champion Aerospace has new ignition leads for a wide range of turbine engines, from small to large turbofan engines. Champion provides high-quality, cost-effective replacement leads to the turbine aftermarket and a lead overhaul programme, a unique maintenance option. Preventative maintenance helps avoid costly, unplanned maintenance due to worn turbine ignition lead components. Damaged shielding, insulation, or termination connection components in ignition leads that do not appear to be worn are common and can lead to imminent failure.

Aircraft Batteries


Champion Aerospace Aviation Spark Plugs are the best choice for reciprocating engines that need an ignition spark plug. Champion Aerospace advanced-engineered spark plugs go above and beyond the norm and are designed to make a significant difference in performance. Champion Aerospace spark plugs perform admirably in the face of extreme temperatures, pressures, and lead deposits. When you’re in the air, rely on Champion spark plugs.


Champion Aerospace Oil Filters combine the benefits of surface and depth-type filtration to improve high efficiency, controlled porosity, water resistance, and resistance to impulse and flow fatigue. Champion brand oil filters are known for keeping dirt and harmful particles out of your engine.


The aircraft ignition harness transports an electrical current from the aircraft magneto to the spark plugs. An aircraft ignition harness is shielded to support and protect the wires from damage and act as a conductor for stray magnetic fields. This will reduce electrical interference with sensitive electrical equipment on the aircraft.

What Types Of Batteries Are Used In Aircraft?

The material used for the plates on Aircraft Batteries is usually used to identify them. The two most common batteries are vented or sealed Lead-Acid and Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) batteries. The majority of small private aircraft use lead-acid batteries. The majority of commercial and corporate aircraft use nickel-cadmium batteries.

Why Are NiCad Batteries Used In Aircraft?

Because of their high cycling capacity and long life, nickel-cadmium batteries are the most commonly used in commercial aviation? It also provides:

Reduced maintenance.

Low weight and size.

Making these batteries an appealing option for the commercial aeronautical industry.

Where Can I Get All Of The Aircraft Parts In Australia?

Superior Air Parts is a truly “Australian” owned company that began operations in late 1993 with two employees at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane. They have come a long way since those humble beginnings. Superior Air Parts’ goal is to provide the most technologically advanced product to aviation consumers. Their aviation products have a track record of reliability.


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