What Is An HRV System, And How Does It Works?

An HRV is a ventilation system that is used to supply fresh air into the house while at the same time removing stale air from it. It helps reduce humidity and improve the quality of air inside your home. An HRV system can also help lower energy costs by up to 15%.

What Is HRV?

HRV stands for Heat Recovery Ventilation. It’s a system that uses the heat from stale indoor air to warm fresh outdoor air, then ventilates it back into the home. It is an ideal ventilation system for homes with a heat source such as a furnace, wood stove or fireplace because it will use the heat from these sources to warm the new air.

HRV systems are generally installed when you’re replacing or updating your heating system, but they can also be added to existing forced-air systems. These systems bring fresh air from the outside and vent stale air inside. The thick indoor air passes through a heat exchanger where a fan blows across it and takes some of its heat away, cooling the room at the same time. Then that cooled air is vented outside via an exhaust fan. At the same time, another industrial-strength blower distributes newly warmed outside air throughout your home—all while keeping it at a comfortable temperature year round!

How Does The System Work?

HRV systems use a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) to exchange stale air with fresh air. The HRV draws in thick air and releases it outside, then draws fresh air inside and circulates it through your home. This process is repeated throughout the day, with any excess moisture extracted from the incoming stream of warm summer or cold winter air so that it’s not wasted unnecessarily heating or cooling your home.

Depending on your needs, the system can also humidify and dehumidify the incoming air stream. It means you can use an HRV year-round without worrying about dry skin or static electricity, even if you live in a drier climate where humidity levels are typically lower than average.

The system is designed to be installed in your home’s ventilation ductwork, so it works with your existing heating and cooling systems. It is essential because HRVs don’t require additional electricity usage or maintenance costs.

Types Of HRV Systems

There are two main types of HRV systems. One is an HRV installed in a new home, and the other is a retrofit system. Retrofit systems are installed after the house has been built, which is why they are sometimes called ductless HRVs. This system requires an electrician to install a small unit in your home’s ventilation ductwork. The system works by drawing air into the team and then sending it back into your house through small vents near where you often need fresh air.

An HRV is a type of ventilation system that is used to supply fresh air into the house while at the same time removing stale air from it. It has two fans and is installed in the ductwork. An HRV system may be installed with an air-to-air heat exchanger or heat recovery ventilator (HRV). Air-to-air heat exchangers are usually not used because they’re much more expensive than standard cold water coils, which can be easily fitted onto existing boilers.

The primary way of using an HRV is installing it in the ductwork. It is an excellent option because the system can handle both heating and cooling needs and ventilation. If you don’t have existing ductwork or want to install your own HRV system, consider getting one with cold water coils. These are easy to install and will cost less than air-to-air heat exchangers.

An HVAC System Is A Great Way To Make Your Home More Comfortable And Cold.

HRV system

An HVAC system is a great way to make your home more comfortable and cold. It can save money because it’s more efficient than traditional ventilation systems. That’s why we recommend installing a system if you’re interested in improving indoor air quality and simultaneously reducing energy costs.

If you’ve never heard of an HVAC before, don’t worry—they’re pretty simple! An HRV system works by extracting stale air from inside your home using one or more openings (called vents) and mixing this with fresh outdoor air through a filter. The result is clean, fresh air that circulates into every room in the house—without wasting energy heating or cooling large volumes of stale indoor air all day long as traditional ventilation systems do!

HVAC systems are highly effective at improving indoor air quality. They can also reduce the moisture in your home by up to 30%. It is because they extract stale air inside your home, which is more humid than outdoor air.

An HVAC Is A Ventilation System That Is Used To Supply Fresh Air Into The House While At The Same Time Removing Stale Air From It.

An HVAC is a ventilation system that is used to supply fresh air into the house while at the same time removing stale air from it. It works by recycling exhaust air (from the kitchen, bathroom or laundry) and using it to heat or cool incoming fresh air. This process reduces energy costs because you can run your heating or cooling unit less often when there’s more energy available. It also improves indoor air quality by reducing humidity levels in your home, which can cause mould growth and other health problems.

HVAC systems are most commonly used in homes, offices and schools where there are multiple rooms on multiple floors with heating and cooling systems. They can be installed in new buildings or retrofitted into existing buildings as part of an upgrade to ensure they meet green building standards for efficiency and comfort levels inside each room within your home or office space.

They are also known as mechanical ventilation systems, air-to-air heat exchangers or energy recovery ventilators. Many different HVAC systems can be used in different situations depending on the size and layout of your home or office space.

An HVAC Helps Remove Stale Air From The Home And Bring Fresh Air Outside.

An HVAC helps remove stale air from the home and bring fresh air outside. HRV systems use heat recovery to save energy. Heat recovery ventilators use a heat exchanger to transfer heat from incoming fresh air into exhaust air, leaving your home and reducing your heating and cooling bills. The excess heat is then transferred outside via an insulated duct.

HRV systems can be installed in new homes or added to existing homes, making them an excellent solution for anyone with an older home with inefficient windows and doors that aren’t designed to work well with modern HVAC systems like forced-air furnaces or central air conditioners.

HRV systems are also an excellent option for homeowners who want to reduce their energy, as they can be installed on new or existing homes. The efficiency of an HVAC is measured in terms of its SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), which measures cooling efficiency.


We hope you now have a better idea of an HRV and how it works. It’s a great way to make your home more comfortable and can help reduce your heating bills by up to 25%!

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