Why You Should Use Angel Juicer 5500

Angel Juicer extractor

The Angel Juicer 5500 is an eye-catcher in your kitchen. This flat-twin stuff juicer is made completely of excellent food-grade and careful grade-treated steel, which not just guarantees supplement-rich juice for Better Health but also gives a sumptuous hope for Better Life. Being the most progressive juicer, each piece of this juicer is treated steel. Tempered steel doesn’t rust or break down effectively, not at all like plastic or different metals.

The Angel juicer is probably the best juicer available. It is the ideal expansion to your kitchen and praises your solid eating regimen. Not in the least does the Super Angel juicer extract great supplements from leafy foods, yet it additionally helps you detox and purify your body.

Working Of Angel Juicer:

The Angel juicer holds immeasurably significant components inside the juice, working at 82rpm, which are significant for the body like nutrients, minerals, and different components. The juicer is furnished with the most recent “dual gear” set of drills, which successfully and simultaneously cautiously processes the singular produce in two stages.

In the main stage, the produce is ground into little pieces. In the second stage, it is, in a real sense, “bit up”, by which the best quality juice is isolated from leafy foods. The Angel 5500 is comprised of just four sections. Consequently, the get-together and dismantling of the juicer are extremely basic.

The Angel juicer Angelia 5500 can squeeze essentially every sort of produce – a natural product, vegetables, or spices (from carrots to apples, even wheatgrass or spinach). The juicer has brilliant outcomes in any event while handling grain sprouts, verdant vegetables, spices, shoots, and fledglings. Simultaneously, it can make tofu, appetizing pate, and peanut butter!

The contrast between 5500, 7500, AND 8500: When squeezing vegetables (for instance, wheatgrass, and so on), overburdening a juicer is simple. All Angel juicers will naturally stop in this example. Nonetheless, the 7500 and 8500 will naturally invert the engine to free the jam. In the 5500, this is done physically.

It will forestall an excess of strain developing in the machine, which might harm the squeezing screen. The 5500 and 7500 are made from SUS304 food-grade tempered steel. The 8500 is produced using SUS316 careful grade tempered steel.

You might discover a few wholesalers advancing “new” models of Angel juicers with names like Super Angel Model Pro, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe. The present models 5500, 7500, and 8500S are the most current models, and the names above are similar models renamed for the US market. When they are advanced as “new”, it implies these are new models in the US, as it were. These models have been accessible in Europe for a couple of years.

What Is Super Angel Juicer:

The ideal way to get crude nourishment from ranch produce is by utilizing a quality juicer. Super Angel Juicer 5500 (All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer) is the best juicer to get a quality squeeze and drains from soil products, making it the most favored juicer in numerous families.

Normal utilization of newly made juice is perhaps the most effective way to keep your well-being on top. The super angel juicer is the zenith to accomplishing this objective as it fuses top quality twin stuff innovation, guaranteeing that you take full advantage of green produce. Angel slow juicer breaks extreme fiber and cells in verdant food sources and organic products, guaranteeing that supplements like nutrients, minerals, and proteins are separated.

Angel cold press juicer gives various security highlights to clients. Double switch frameworks situated on the juicer’s back help control the delicate switchboard on the engine base unit. They are additionally built up with double security around the delicate switchboard bringing down the gamble of electric shock. Super Angel Juicer 5500 has a framework on its principle switchboard to counter the gamble of electromagnetic wave shocks.

The Angel Juicer extractor sudden spikes in demand for a very peaceful 3hp engine that comes to control when turned on. It gives a few genuine squashing power on products of the soil. What’s more, it has an overheat sensor, and a fan found near the engine that aids in cooling it when it overheats. The engine is housed by a hardened steel cover keeping outside objects from gaining admittance to the engine.

The enormous squeezing cogs of the angel juicer are north of 8 inches, produced using top-notch hardened steel, making the breakdown of vegetables, spices, fledglings, and natural product filaments much simple. It aids in conveying top-quality supplements eventually. The revolution of the pinion wheels is slow.

Nonetheless, this is indispensable in safeguarding the timeframe of realistic usability of supplements separated. Hence, the juice removed from the angel juicer is hazier and better when contrasted with juices from other bad quality juicers.

Easy to Use:

This is from the underlying arrangement while extricating juices from the green eating routine. It likewise gives the greatest squeezing delight regardless of the natural product or vegetable when utilized in juice extraction.

Simple to Clean:

Manufactures give clients a scrapper to eliminate the mash from its twin stuff smasher. It is likewise dishwasher safe due to hardened steel material. Cleaning ought to be done following utilizing the juicer.


The juicer has a long guarantee period, for the most part, around ten years time span. In any case, some pieces of the juicer, for instance, the brush, sap authority, and wooden pusher, are not accessible in this guarantee.


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