Why You Should Use Wider Fit Shoes To Get Relief

wider fit shoes

 The wider fit shoe is a shoe that has been specifically designed for people with wider feet. The average foot size in Australia is 10, but some people have feet that are wider or smaller than this average and will therefore need to wear shoes that accommodate their unique shape. A wide-fit shoe can provide extra comfort if your foot does not fit comfortably into standard footwear sizes—but what are the benefits of wearing such shoes?

Foot Health

Wider-fit shoes are designed to give your foot more space. It can prevent foot problems and discomfort, such as:

  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Pain in the area around your toes or heel


Wider-fit boots are comfortable. You can wear them all day and not feel pain in your feet. They can be worn in the office, for casual or dressy occasions, work, and for play. Wider-fit sandals provide the feet with more room to breathe and expand. It can be useful for helping to prevent bunions, corns, ingrown toenails and pain in the area.

Heel Pain

  • Heel pain is one of the most common complaints for people with flat feet. It is often due to wearing shoes that are too tight or pointed at the toe, which causes pressure on the heels. Wider shoes can relieve pressure on the heels and provide more space for your toes to move, which may help relieve discomfort in your feet.
  • Wide-fitting shoes are better for walking on uneven surfaces since they provide more stability and comfort than narrow shoes. They also have more room for your toes to move around inside them, so if you have bunions or hammertoes, wider shoes can be beneficial in preventing foot pain caused by these conditions and other foot conditions such as heel pain mentioned above.

Toe Pain

Wider fit trainers can help to reduce the pain caused by bunions, corns and ingrown toenails. By keeping your feet in the correct position, wider-fit shoes will also help with the pain felt when walking on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones or gravel.

wider fit shoesIf you have wide feet, it’s important to remember that the best way to relieve any discomfort is not just to wear wider shoes but also to wear them correctly. For example, if you have bunions or corns on your feet, you need to make sure that none of these is rubbing against the front of your shoe as this could cause further damage. Wearing specialist insoles will ensure that there isn’t any friction between your foot and shoe which can cause blisters or other problems like calluses (thickened skin).

Walking on Uneven Surfaces

A wider shoe will provide more stability for your foot, which is beneficial for walking on uneven surfaces. A wider-fit shoe can be beneficial if you’re suffering from arthritis or some other mobility issue that makes it difficult to walk well. Similarly, if you have diabetes and find it hard to balance yourself while walking due to the condition, choosing a pair of wider shoes can help improve your ability to walk safely without falling over as easily.

Wider fit shoes provide the feet with more room to breathe and expand. It can be useful for helping to prevent bunions, corns, ingrown toenails and pain in the area.

Wider-fit shoes give the feet more room to breathe and expand. It can be useful for helping to prevent bunions, corns, ingrown toenails and pain in the area.

  • Wider shoes can help prevent bunion development by allowing your toes to move freely without being squished together.
  • They also don’t pinch or rub against your foot because of their extra space, which means no more corns!
  • In addition to that, wider shoes tend not to dig into your skin when walking or running around all day long as standard footwear does. So if you’ve ever had problems with painful blisters after wearing heels for too long, a wider-fitting shoe could help ensure those areas are protected from further damage!

Wearing wider shoes can be beneficial for your foot health and comfort.

Wider feet shoes offer more room for your toes to move and spread, reducing the risk of developing common foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, corns and calluses.

Wider-fitting shoes also help people with heel pain or toe pain. If you have existing foot problems or are recovering from a broken bone in your foot, widening your shoe size will give you extra support and comfort. Wider shoes have more space for the foot arch, providing better cushioning when walking on uneven surfaces like cobbled streets or rocky paths.


If you are looking for comfortable wider shoes for ladies, contact Medicomf for reliable shoe service. They are available in many styles and colours to find the perfect pair for your needs. Keep in mind, however, that if you have a particularly narrow foot or need extra support, options are also available for those with specific needs!


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